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You've Got Time

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

Ever made plans to do something? And then when it didn't happen when or how you planned it to, you beat yourself up about it and felt discouraged and maybe even disappointed? That's me all the time. There was this one time I planned a trip to New York, and a few of my friends were on board with going together. But the closer we got to the date, my friends started dropping out one by one. Some even pretended like they never knew (-_- lady I asked you multiple times). How could they?! I had planned out everything, we were gonna have so much fun! I had it all laid out! Feeling discouraged I came dangerously close to canceling myself. But I felt something in me that told me to go anyways... by myself. "But it won't be as fun by myself" I thought (cause you know, I be talking to myself ). But I couldn't shake the feeling that I had to go on this trip. And so I did.

I called a friend and asked him if he could find me a place to stay for the weekend. I packed my bag, got on the bus and said "whatever happens, happens". I'm not gonna lie, part of me was like "If I have a great time, I'm going to snap-chat everything, take lots of pictures, and make them feel terrible for missing out #petty". And I did have fun, in fact, I had a great time. But I was enjoying myself so much, I forgot to take pictures most of the time. I saw friends, met new people, went on little adventures. I learned something that weekend that stuck with me. You've got time, and whatever happens happens. Not in the irresponsible "YOLO" way either. What I mean is, if there is something you want to do, create, be a part of, or someone you want to be; make it happen. Plan. Research. Create. Vision. Sought after. Do everything in your power to make it happen how and when you want it. But then, let whatever is meant to happen, happen. We cannot control everything, and the moment we recognize and acknowledge that, the less stressful everything will be. Conduct what is in your control. You cannot control time, or other people, but you can control what you do WITH your time, your efforts, and your attitude.

When I was in high-school, I wrote in a journal that by the age of 26 I would have already published 2 children's books, a best selling poetry book, working on my first novel, acting in a TV show, AND engaged to my high-school infatuation....Well, unless all that is about to happen within the next 8 and 1/2 months, my life has definitely not gone according to plan. But you know what... I HAVE TIME. I understand, tomorrow is not promised, but like I said in a beautiful story circle last night "Realistically, we're not all going to drop dead tomorrow!" If we are taking care of ourselves in at least the most basic way, and are not battling terminal illnesses... We... Have... Time.

I saw a post on Facebook recently that was showing something like "20 songs that turn 20 years old this year" and one of them was Hard Knock Life by JZ; and, I remember thinking, " I grew up on that song, he created that TWENTY YEARS AGO? Look at everything he's STILL doing." He's Got Time. I've Got Time. You've Got Time. We've Got Time. Now this is not an excuse to procrastinate or be lazy. Put in the work! Do your Best! Plan! I repeat: THIS IS NOT A PROMOTION FOR PROCRASTINATION! This is just saying, it's OK if everything does not to go according to plan, because you've got time... to do it again, to do it better, to do it eventually, or to just appreciate what DID happen, instead of beating ourselves up about what didn't. You've... Got... Time.

Does any of that make sense? I know I jump around a lot from thought to thought, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Just take a deep breath. Do the best you can, and then leave the rest up to God, the universe, or whatever force it is that you believe in.

- Woods

Lighting up the woods, one Syllable at a time

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