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Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Do you know what a "synopsis" is?

A synopsis is just another word for a summary

It's when you take something and boil it down to keypoints

Forget the intricacies and minor details

What is the point?

Get to it.

A synopsis is much like an introduction

You know

Hi, my name is - insert name here

And I - insert occupation

And through that I'm suppose to able to make a judgment

We have been boiled down to name and occupation

That is our synopsis

Because the way we acquire income defines our relevance

It defines us


We are more than our synopsis

Hi, My name is Woods

And I'm a Poet...

For the day

Hi, My name is different depending on where you know me from

Hi, I have a name for every occupation

And different variations of those names

Changing like a chamillions skin rushing through the rain forests

Just trying to survive

I am surviving

I am a survivor

A daughter

A sister

A mother

Who has yet to bring life to her own generations yet

But does not fret

Because she is indulging herself in every step

Enjoying the journey

I am a sojourner

A nomad

A wanderer

I am the sun that beams through the window at day break

The light that fills the room

I am the subtle pain you feel

When Love says "I'll be leaving soon"

I am the stars that surround the moon

So that it knows it's not alone

I am home

That is where the heart is

I am two AM still on the phone

Wondering why time only flies when we're having fun

I am not done

I've only just begun

I am the daughter of a king

Who makes me want to sing

Sweet melodies that makes the bells in heaven ring

I am from dust

I am trying to adjust

But it's hard

I am Scared

By so many things

It's taken so much to build back again

I am taking it slow

As slowly as I please

Because you will not rush me

I am the voices that seeped through the walls

I am confused by Love and Hate

They slept in the same bed for so long I cant tell the difference

I am still trying to figure it out

Is it Love that shouts and Hate that brings the tears out?

I am confused

I am not yours to use

I am promises never kept

Nights never slept

Love never returned

And bridges that burned

I am a daughter of the village

You all Raised me

I am T.H.U.G L.I.F.E

I am also the H and the F turned to an L

I was never a cheerleader, but what does that spell?

They're not words, but it is Love

I am sugar cane fields

And casav and mamba by the road side

I am barefooted in the rain

Because I was drawn by the sound on my window pane

I am truth

I am light

I am virtue

I am you





The same from the start

I matter

I am stage lights and stage fright making love till curtain call

I am trying

I am an old soul

I am a heart of Gold

I am lies sold

And truths untold

I am puns and summer fun

Hearts beating louder than drums

I am hiphop

I am soul

I am meeting goals

I am

I am what I am

And I am more

And I continue to be

I am more than name and job

They cannot handle the full weight of me

I am Me.

....Now It's your turn.

- Woods

Lighting up the woods, one Syllable at a time

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