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Saving souls and sunshine Spinning tales and sunrises Shaking worlds and sunsets Seducing hearts Screaming

Screaming softly in silence Sailing slowly through situations That sometimes seem to slip away Slipping in deep sleep so desperately needed it hurts Showing up Showing out Showing off Because you got it Setting off to sail the seas Seeing Seeing love Seeing light Seeing life Stopping and salivating in the silence Silently waiting for something Something Something is coming Moving Moving in silence Making moves Making moves through moments meant to move us Making love Making the most out of morsels Mimicking mommy’s moves Maneuvering mommy’s mistakes to miss the repetitions Masking Masking what makes me me and Making mirror images Multiplying those mindless mirrors and masquerading it as music Music Music Making more music Making more music that moves mountains Moving mountains Mysteriously Mysterious mumbles at midnight that mark memories Marking moments Marking the world Introducing Introducing illusions to idle eyes Idle eyes so innocent Innocent idle eyes that idolize illusions Illusions illustrated by idols Idols who forge identities Internalizing incredible words from individuals with ill intents Intending Intentions becoming insignificant in retrospect Imagine Imagine introducing genuine images Imagine Imagine Imagine Love Love languages Love languages lost in Lingering Lyrics

Living life like the least of these

Loving every little light that helps you live life


Letting go

Letting go of the lost love

Learning to love the love that lives within

Leaning on the everlasting love

Learning the lesson the last time and

Leaping onto the next level

Levels to life

Levels to love

Levels to learning

Lifting our dreams to the luminous skies

Looking for leaders to levitate our lassitude

Lest we succumb to our lethargy

Leaving us lifeless and lost

Longing for joy


Lifting ourselves up

Learning to love again

Learning to love





Eluding to enormous elevations Exciting Explaining to everyone though they never quiet understand it Elevating

Elevating beyond approval

Enraptured in the evidence that you are an enigma

Epitomizing true freedom No longer exaggerating etiquette to evince normalcy


Ending cycles

Ending pain

Ending the urge to expend energy on the unnecessary


Expediting the process of evolving




Enough So.... Smile.

- Woods

Lighting up the woods, one Syllable at a time

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