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I know ya'll can't believe this. I can't believe it either. Chiiiiiiiild! We are on day 20! Are you SERIOUS?! We really made it this far?! Maaaaan I love ya'll, I wasn't sure we could do it. But it's only 10 DAYS LEFT. Wow. Ok Ok, let me calm myself down! Ok, the exclamation point was too much, let's try again. Ok. I'm calm now. Now let's get into it. Today's post is going to be really short because it's very straight forward and I don't have much to say on the topic. It's just wisdom. The lesson I've learned (and sometimes I feel like I'm still learning) is :


From a very young age, we are taught to share our lives. We've been taught that "Secrets don't make friends", "Sharing is caring", and "Tell mommy (or insert guardian) everything". Children come out of the womb as natural-born snitches. I mean these little buggers will tell everybody business to anyone who will listen, including their own business. At a young age SOMETIMES that's a good thing; but, a lot of us have not grown out of that. At a certain age, we all need to learn that everybody don't need to know your business. Everybody don't need to know what you're up to. Matter of fact MOST PEOPLE don't need to know your business. VERY FEW PEOPLE need to know your business. Matter of fact, sometimes NOBODY NEEDS TO KNOW YOUR BUSINESS. If you need to talk to somebody TALK TO GOD. Ok, clearly I need to calm down again.

So here's the thing. As much as we love people, people be people-ing, and you don't need people people-ing all in your business. Get what I'm saying? No? Ok let me try again.

  1. Not everyone can be trusted with your business. That doesn't mean they will do something malicious with your information, but remember we talked about the difference between intent and impact. They may not intend to cause harm, but that may just be the impact. People like to talk, and when people have nothing else to talk about, they talk about your business.

  2. People always want to put their 2 cents in. Now you may see the shiny 2 cents and think it's adding value, but in actuality, it's dirty money. Their advice wasn't good and it ends up messing with your business.

  3. People get jealous. Have you ever heard people say "they want to see you doing good, but never better than them"? You don't need anybody throwing a wrench into your operation because they're jealous.

  4. People can start speaking negative things into your situation. Words are powerful and if everybody knows your business, somebody isn't going to like it, and they'll start throwing salt in your game.

  5. The devil doesn't know everything. He relies on us telling our business so that he can get his little minions to work on destroying your plans.

Now I know this all sounds negative, and it is, and I have more I can add; but, it's for your good. You've got to protect yourself and your value. Don't you know that you and your business are valuable? If you had a billion dollars in a safe in your house, would you broadcast that? No. Very few people, if any, would know. Your business is that billion dollars baby, everybody don't need to know. With EVERYTHING pray and use discernment on who to let into your stuff. Everyone else will be just fine living their life and minding their own business. Did that make sense? I'm not saying everyone is out there to get you. Ok? I'm just saying be careful, be wise, be exclusive.

I love ya'll for reading, and I love ya'll for real! - Woods Lighting up the woods, one Syllable at a time

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