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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Good Morning Y'all! How are you doing today? Remember, I have the chat box in the bottom corner of this blog. You can chat with me. Yes, it's really me. The first message is automated and then when you send me a chat it's really me responding. If I don't get back to you immediately, then I'm at work or away from my phone. When I see the message I will reply and you can check back in to continue the conversation.

OK let's get into it! Today's post is going to be another short one. It's all about managing our expectations. I believe that I am a good person. When I do unto others, I do it out of the kindness of my heart, not because I am expecting anything in return. Do you remember the argument I told you all about in "It's not always your fault"? About the importance of saying thank you? Ok so this is the story:

Once upon a time, I bought a gift for my friend. I bought it off amazon and it was expected to arrive on a particular day. Now when I received the notification that it had arrived I got excited. But my friend never mentioned receiving it. So I asked, "Hey, did you receive the gift?" Now ya'll know people be stealing packages here so I had to check and make sure he actually got it. He replies "Oh yeah, I saw it when I came in". So I said, "Oh ok". That was all. Now me knowing me, I'm in my head like... ok why didn't he confirm he received it when he got it? And dang not even a thank you? So I said "Bro, you weren't even going to say thank you?" To which he replied, "Do I have to". Let that sink in. Sit in that for a second please. ...

OK so here's the thing. No. He didn't have to say thank you. It's just common courtesy. He didn't have to say thank you. It's just etiquette. He didn't have to say thank you, it's just respectful to do so. No, he didn't have to say thank you, it's just what I expected. And there it was. Although I bought the gift out of the kindness of my heart. I bought it because I wanted to make him happy. But I also expected the common courtesy of a thank you. ( He then accused me of only buying the gift to receive a thank you, which could not be farther from the truth, but that's beside the point) The point of our day 24 lesson is: Even if it's a normal thing to expect, when you do unto others:


Don't do anything and expect anything outside of what may have been agreed upon. A lot of us kind-hearted people, expect others to do what we would have done if the tables were turned. Don't. I promise you it's a recipe for disappointment. Don't let that stop you from being your full loving self. Baby the good that you put into this world will eventually find its way back to you. It may not come from the people you expect it from, but it will come. We have to do, just to do. We have to give, just to give. We have to love, just to love. Not expecting anything in return. Appreciate those who do return the kindness, but don't hold it against those who don't. Some people are not in a position to do so, and some people just don't care. Love and give and serve anyways.

Now if this is like a business transaction, then of course there are some things are to be expected, liiiiike THEIR SIDE OF THE DEAL. In those cases, I always advise getting EVERYTHING IN WRITING. Then you can hold people accountable. But outside of what was agreed upon.... expect nothing.

If you have a big heart and love to give and do for others. Do it. But expect nothing. It doesn't mean you won't receive it, just don't expect it.

I love ya'll for reading, and I love ya'll for real!

- Woods

Lighting up the woods, one Syllable at a time

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